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It's not that we want to blow our own trumpet but we are proud of what we have achieved!
Hopefully we have put together an informative and useful site for Parents, Providers and the Community.
Twilight's Place Award Excellence Award
Awarded August 4, 2004

"Congratulations Paul! You have a very interesting website and we thoroughly enjoyed evaluating your site.
We enjoyed the simplicity of the graphics that seem to flow well with the content of this site.
This is a well organized site not overtaken by graphics and frills. Just enough to make it pleasing to the eye to enhance the purpose of this site.
Here are the Evaluation Results per our Awards Program Criteria:
Evaluation of Navigation: 10 out of 10 Navigational friendly, efficient load time.
Evaluation of Content: 60 out of 60 Very informative site, presented well.
Evaluation of Design: 28 out of 30 Clean, organized, well coded, simple layout.
Total Score: 98
You are awarded Twilight's Place Excellence Award.
You are listed on our Winner's List located here: Winners
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful place!"
Golden Diamond Award Golden Diamond Award
Awarded July 21, 2004

"I've now reviewed your site and you've done a wonderful job, it was a pleasure reviewing it. I'm awarding you my 2004 Award for Website Excellence plus my Golden Diamond Award. Good luck with your site!
Karen Lyster"
3 Star Award 3 Star Award
Awarded August 23, 2004

"Congratulations, your web site won the 3 star award!
Congratulations, your site can be found on the winners page here"
Silver Award Silver Award
Awarded August 23, 2004

"Congratulations from the Team of Evaluators at the Ultra Free Awards Program.
We have visited your web site and two evaluators have reviewed it.
Your web site qualifies for the Ultra Free Silver Award for Excellence, congratulations"
FreeWorldGroup Webmaster Award Silver Award
Awarded August 4, 2004

"Your site qualified for our Silver award. Well done - great site!
Your site has been added to our list of winners here: Winners"
SweetPea's Award Silver Award
Awarded August 4, 2004

"I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much.
It was a real pleasure visiting and reviewing your website.
After reviewing your site I am pleased to inform you that your website has earned my Silver Award!
I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work."
Mona Lisa Award Mona Lisa Select Site Award
Awarded August 1, 2004

"After an extensive review of your site, we find that Child Care Finders merits the Mona Lisa Select Site Award for its design, informative content and navigation.
The wide variety of information is presented in a well organized manner.
The service your organization provides is both important and necessary part of the community.
As a result, your site is being featured as our selected
Site of the Month for August 2004.
Your site will also be featured in our newletter for August."

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